No aircraft exterior lights visible in cockpit view?

I recently noticed that strobes, navigation, beacon, and landing lights aren’t displayed when in cockpit view. It quite surprised me because I‘m sure they were at some point ago. Does anyone has the same „problem“ or a solve for it?

For everyone asking:
iPad Pro 12.9 (256gb, late 2018)
Newest iOS
Newest version of IF

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What do you really mean about not being able to see?

Are you referring to when an aircraft in front of you has their strobes and you can’t see it in cockpit view but when you use another camera its visible? If so, I’ve noticed this YEARS ago!

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Oh, I thought he meant he could not see his own lights from the cockpit view😂 because then I understand why you don’t see it

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Known issue, and not an easy one as one might think. But it’s being looked at now, after all these years :)



Well I noticed it just recently, don’t know why

Refer up to a few replies. He stated its a known issue.

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