No aircraft being displayed on live

I couldn’t find anything close to this so here.
I am flying with a few friends from KSFO-WSSS and all of a sudden they disappeared. I thought they left so I checked LiveFlight and they were there. I have a very strong internet so I don’t see what could of happened. And before the flight I restarted my device to make sure the ram was clear.
iPad Pro 12.9 64gb 2017
Settings on full
Latest IF
Latest IOS
If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Were you running any third party apps such as IF Assistant?

Nope no third party apps

Maybe your connection dropped for a minute or two. Were you able to reproduce this issue or no?

Is still going on 5 minutes later

Try going to the home screen for about 20 seconds, then go back to Infinite Flight. It should reconnect. If that doesn’t work, go to your home screen and turn your Wifi and data buttons off, then on again. Once you go back to IF, it should reconnect.

However if these two don’t work, then I think your connection might have dropped for good, and there is no way to reconnect. It’s happened to me before.

I did that and still nothing, my connection is still in the green though so

Aircraft can only render so far in Infinite Flight, this is for performance issues I assume. Can you take a picture of you and your friends together on LiveFlight?

We were only 10nm away though let me get that photo

Make sure this setting is high, if you are in a area with a lot of traffic some will disappear.

We’re the only three for 1,000s of miles and count is set to high


Just got word one of the people I was flying with also can’t see anybody not one of the three. So now this is a question of is this something over the pacific?

This box my plane is in currently ever since it hit the right border is when it started

Your connection is red…

That is weird it is green right now and I just took another screen shot and that was red so now I don’t know


I can still see the three right now on LiveFlight. Very strange.

See and I didn’t even leave from that airport… you can ask the peopl I am flying with

This is odd, I’m going to see if it is the “box” my plane is in now and see what happens when I am out of that box

I have to sleep now, I will read all replies posted when I wake up and see if I can see any of the aircraft in the morning.