No aircraft/Airport names being displayed on live

I can’t see aircraft or airport names/tags
Graphic settings:
Aircraft count is very high
Aircraft quality high
Display airport names is checked

What I’ve done:
Delete and reinstall

iPad Pro 12.9 64gb 2017
Latest IF
Latest IOS
WiFi very strong

Yes he did check that option.

Does it happen with while flying all aircraft or certain ones. I have had this issue before where I have to zoom in and then out. Also try downloading all the planes before flying if you can. That will save it from being downloaded while flying.


Yeah they are not appearing on the map either

All aircraft are downloaded and so far this has happened in the 777 and the 737

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I had this problem once before and what I did was delete IF, shut down my device completely, then boot it back up again then do a re-install of IF.

Hope this works for you.

Thank you for your help but I just did that.

Ok I’m in the middle of a flight and the airports around were all small ones so I’m going to wait and see when I get to a crowded airport

I can see aircraft now but still no airport tags

I flew over an airport that I used as a waypoint and didn’t see the tag

It was uncontrolled but it isn’t a airfield

Right, it seems like I won’t be able to help. I’m not sure exactly how to fix this. Wait along and maybe someone else who has had this problem can give you further assistance.

Have a great day,

can you get A Picture or video?

Let me see if I can and will report back

I will in a little bit as there are no airports near me according to the map but when I get close to one on the map I will get a screenshot

While you are flying, do you see a checkmark in the top right-hand corner?

Yes I do it never went to red

In which part of the world were you flying in?

Russia now the middle east

So basically your problem is that it says that you are basically in the middle of nowhere, right? No airport names and you don’t see them on map, correct?

I see the airports on the map just not the tags