No active subscriptions

I know the problem has been fixed, and I played it for a while without any problems either, but after reopening the app, it says that I don’t have a subscription. My subscription is valid until the 19th, so it shouldn’t say this.

Does anyone know why it says that?

This is a known issue they are working on it, your subscription is fine.

But I thought they already fixed it.

No, not that I’m aware of, they will announce it when the issue has been resolved, I imagine it’s just because of the amount of people trying to play at once.

Look20.1 Update release
It says that their services are returning to normal.

Oh, I’ve just looked, it appears it was back up and running, but that the issue resurfaced.

Oh, that’s too bad. I guess I’ll have to wait a bit more then.

Yeah, It should be all good in a few hours, this just proves how big an update this is!

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Yeah! Hopefully I will be able to do my first flight in the new 777 tomorrow. I’m so excited!

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Me too, happy flying!

The entire IF game is having this issue. The IF team is working to fix this. Please be patient. There are plenty of posts right not of people expressing there issues and opinions. Once the server issue is fixed you should be back to normal

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I had this issue 1 hour ago, just restart the app

Ok. I’ll try that.

It may happen some times, don’t worry, just restart the app as many times as you need (i needed a while)

I just restarted it and it seems like it’s back to normal. I wonder if the problem will resurface again tho…

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It will, just keep doing this