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Good morning,

After I did OTHH - YPAD, refueled and took off again, my IF suddenly told me, I have no active prescription. It did not close the app but rather “paused” the game. So I got disconnected to the server without being able to reconnect.

How come I got a message like that mid flight and why does it disconnect from the server? I lost 7 hours of flight time…

Is there any way for the future to minimize this from happening?

Are you sure that you did not have your subscription run out today? It has happened to me before.

Nope. Runs out on the 15th

Here is a topic that might be similar to what you are experiencing.

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I read about people flying 60 hours in one go, I thought my two flights would be okay.
The total session time would’ve been 29 hours or so…

Thanks for your help.

No problem. And yeah @iidvdii has gotten a 70+ hour flight before. It just is different for every player. It’s happened to me before also.



What is your current callsign? 29hrs shouldn’t be an issue, no.

My callsign at the moment is Air China 101VA Heavy


I’ll check this with the developer in charge of this and we’ll see what the issue is.

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I’m flying again right now so no idea what happened.

Thank you very much

The same happened to me but 28 hours of flight time :(

@schyllberg another low flight time when it happened.

Yes i can see the topic. No need to tag me.


My fault. I did not know you were active.

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