No Active Subscription

Seb has already told him what to do. Let’s for now wait and see what happens before adding extra steps because it might confuse the OP :)


This has nothing to do with this. You are only making things worse now :)


If it’s not set to on then it won’t renew the subscription. Correct?

Yes, but that is not relevant in this case as the subscriptions expiration date are in the future.

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Understood. I didn’t know that at the time of the post.

Nevermind its fixed

That’s great to hear.

So far, it looks like Play Store (Google) is sending us the wrong expiration dates. Not the first time they’ve done this.

But we’re digging around on our end just to make sure it’s them and not us.

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Works now for me too

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Ran across the same issue as well and luckily only had to restart the app once for it to be resolved unlike others who have had to re-install the app and lose their replays 😬

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Still no good, no active sub found

Not what i wanted to hear ;)

Can you try the following, in the app:
Go to Settings -> About -> Tap & hold in the top left corner where device + app version is displayed. You’ll be prompted to send diagnostics data. Please do so and let me know when you have.


Has someone hacked us? I got a notice saying my sub was up 3 days ago, I thought it was a little pre mature but I renewed, I flew 1 flight in my raptor then this again…

Nope, it’s just Play Store acting like a pubertal teenager :)


Not seeing where I’m prompted to send diagnostics…

Are you doing the tap + hold in the top left corner on the About-page?

Ok! Sent!!

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Ok, good!

Now sign out of your account in the app, then restart your device and sign back in.

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Thank you!

It’s fixed now :) The sub is on your account (you might need to restart the app only though)


Yes Sir! I’m good to go! “THANK YOU TECH SUPPORT!!”

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Let’s cross our fingers this doesn’t happen again. It’s enough with one issue (winds)

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