No Active Subscription

It kicked me off again right after you closed the last topic

It still says no active subscription found, was I hacked?

The price of subscriptions have gone up. On the app store you must aggre with the price rise.

Regardless… Ive already paid for it

He is talking about that his subscription can’t be found. Nothing to do with prices

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Have you tried a device restart?

@Mikey1974 sorry about that. I thought you ment something elce.

Yes, I went through all the reset methods, lost all my saved flights… :( but it’s ok… Still no sub found

@Mikey1974 - what is your current callsign and display name?

Display name:USGAF It. Col. Larson, Callsign: WOLF1

Do you have Automatic payments on?

If not, Infinite Flight will not keep buying the subscription for you.

I used too, it was doing it automatically for a long time, thats what I’d like it to do, but about 2 months,ago it stopped, and it’s been giving me issues,ever since…

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This has happened to me (Android).

I’ll be connected to wifi in about a minute (data), my subscription is/was a monthly active until October 18th. I’ll delete this post if it returns. It may be an Google Play issue.

@Schyllberg now my account won’t load…? I’ll check the standard procedures and update you.

Another edit: After a few game restarts, the issue disappears! No need to help me for now guys! Happy Canadian Flying!

Well, this is interesting. The times are all messed up… It looks like you purchased it yesterday, but it expired 2hrs ahead of the purchase.

Can you try reinstalling the app again now?

I will do it now… Loading…

@Mikey1974 be aware that you will lose all your replays.

He knows that, as he’s already reinstalled earlier.


@Ecoops123 I also had this happen to me this morning. I fixed it by restarting my iPad.


@schyllberg sorry again. I’m goeing to go away and leave this with you people. I’m interfering.

Same thing for me too my callsign Air Peach 859 and my display name is Jack Edmondson.