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Version Information

20.2 (Build 985)

Device Information

Samsung A50
Android 10


Every time when i do a long haul flight , around 12hrs into the flight i get an error message ’ No active subscription found’ and i get knocked out of live server.

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Do a long haul flight
  • Get error message around 12 hrs into the flight ‘No active subscription found’
  • Get knocked out of live server

Expected results

Complition of flight

Actual results

Error message ‘No active subsription found’

More Information


I just did a 12 hour flight the other day and had no issues. Also, a new build was released a few days ago (468), please install that and try again.

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Already installed the lastest updates , but still happening the same.

Able to reproduce.

Oneplus 7 pro
Android 10
20.2 (985)

After 11:55 hours in flight it came to me with the message saying that no active subscription was found.

Additional info:
I could access my sub on google play, and my grade table was visible

Repo’d. Just finished a long haul. 11 hours and got the error near final.

iPad Pro 2018 (11”)
iOS 13.5.1
v20.02.00 (468)

qatari 908 Heavy

Xiaomi poco X2
Android 10

while being 1 and a half hour away from reaching Sydney I switched from mobile data to wifi and the message popped up saying that no active sub found disconnected me from the live server.



Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Android 10
20.02 (985) - samsung SM-G988B

6 hours out of destination no active subsciription was found, kicked off server. However, flight was able to continue as global server and weather server is still connected.

Live Server status: Disconnected: UserDisconnected

How do you check your app build number?

Launch IF
–>Top Left Corner

thanks! so, what is your status did you abandon the flight?

I have yet to abandon my flight. Hoping a fix could come within the next 4/5 hours which is when I would be due to land.

This happened to me this morning on my way from DFW to Narita as I was 12 hours in, was able to reproduce

American 38VA Heavy
Iphone SE (2020)
IF 20.2.0 BUILD (468)

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and here I have already started my descent into Sydney,fml


Just happened to me. Very very annoying.

Galaxy A71
Android 10

Also happened to me, very annoying. I planned using footage form the landing for my YT channel but now I can’t.

iPhone 11 Pro Max
iOS 14.0.1

Same here happened to me ! Im 30 mind from Sydney and I cant connect!

This just happened to me too. I was 24 mins away from Sydney after a 13 hour flight from Abu Dhabi. Very frustrating.

I had the same problem today after takeoff for second time in the same session. I was doing GRU-ZRH-DXB and in the second leg appears a “no active subscription” message

Xiaomi redmi note 8
Android 9
20.02 (985)

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Made some changes in the last version for solving this. Let me know if you experience this again