No active subscription found

it won’t load for me. Just says installation error and to go to the play store

Restart game maybe that works 🤷‍♂️

thanks, I’ve tried everything.

I think its just to do with the problem with playstore.
Hopefully it will be fixed soon 👍

I thought nah it’s not affecting me as I did 2 flights earlier on. Then I went to fly another short haul and boom no sub lol
Edit: Restart fixed the issue :)
KDC10 looks beautiful on the new loading page too

I have not login yet… and then that thing appear “No Subscription bla bla bla”. can i get my subscription back??

There is a known issue as indicated by the blue banner at the top of your screen. There is an issue on the google side with how it communicates subscriptions to Infinite Flight. They are working on a solution and will update the banner as needed.

Thank you to everyone for your patience, the subscription API appears to be working normally again and you should be able to access Infinite Flight normally.

We’re really sorry for any problems you’ve experienced today. We’re working to find out what went wrong on Google’s end so we can prevent this

There are some troubleshooting methods and ways to contact support if you’re still having issues here:


Thanks a lot @Cameron android is back in business 👍❤


Hallelujah! Thanks for your hard work team, we really do appreciate it.

We were having our own mini pandemic here on the android side!

For the record;

This evening was not my kind of fun.


Great job Seb! ❤ Cheers


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No no no, i don’t deserve any credit in this besides replying to emails. Cam & Laura did everything :)


Of course it’s a team effort 👍 thanks to everyone for doing their part. Hence drinks are plural lol 🍻

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Still not working 15870708093787801545563544133964|450x600

Restart your device and try again 👍

Just tried and same result


Log out then log back in. Hope it works this time 🙂

That worked, thank you

You’re welcome 🙂