No active subscription found

Imma butter then

Lol true but we don’t have Much aircraft to use

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People, don’t chatter in here unless you have something useful to add. Thank you :)


Yea, just practice while they work on the problem. butter em!

Alright Thanks🙏

We are posting updates to this issue on this thread:

Unfortunately, Google Play’s API (the endpoint we use to check if a subscription is active) is throwing errors. We’re working to mitigate this on our end as much as possible and hope to have this solved soon. Thanks everyone for your patience!


Thanks for the update!

Same here, I have the same problem. Logged out a couple of times, did not help

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Hello, my google play account was deducted twice due to this error, just want to ask, what will happen to the second subscription?

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It says solution with a tick next to it. What does that mean?

This shouldn’t happen and it should show properly once these issues are resolved. If not, please contact so they can look into it

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It’s to show the latest “solution” to the problem, right now it’s an issue we have acknowledged and that we are working towards solving as quickly as possible

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I just check some other subscriptions I have their all messed up too so Its a Google thing unfortunately.

What other subscriptions in particular?

let us hope google sorts it out quickly!

At this moment, I also have this issue…
I deleted it and restarted it several times, and my subscription goed until 3 may…

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We’re working on a fix to try and mitigate this issue and we should have it deployed very soon. Thanks for everyone’s continued patience!


Why does it always happen to Google Play not Apple?

It’s google API and Apple doesn’t use Google Play. IOS is also experiencing frequent crashes too. Hard week for the devs.

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Credit to the mods and team working on fixing the issue and giving out info. You are the true heros