No active subscription found

So I was opening infinite flight just now and it told me I have no active subscription. I already have a subscription active. It renews on may 9th. Does anyone know what’s going on?



In 99/100 cases when this occur, a device restart solves it. The app sometimes loses sync with the store, for unknown reasons.

Give it a go and let us know :)


Same happened to me right now

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Okay, seems like something is going on as a few others are experiencing this as well.

Same with me.
I logged out&in / restarted device.
All didn’t work

Yeah I restarted my device and it still says I have no subscription available

That’s weird, it’s hapoened to me me but restarting helped

Also for me

Well that’s weird, the restart worked for my device, but that’s just me of course.

Oddly, there’s no errors on our end. We’re looking at it.


Same has happened with me too. Even after several attempts of restarting and login/out nothing seems working.

restarted mine, problem still exists

As I restart, my subscription disappears…

Definitely some sort of outage.

Seems like an issue with Play Store. We’re getting errors back from them.


Hopefully this will get sorted soon, I was looking forward to a flight 😒

Will this affect us that are already flying?

Same for me, hope this gets solved soon

If you’re already flying, this won’t affect you


Sorry to disturb you, I restart my device but it doesn’t work, but my google play store say that I have an active subscription until 16th of may 2020. Please help me with my problem, Thank you.

I already restarted the device and it keeps telling me the same