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I bought my son a month subscription and when I go to Apple is says we have purchased it - active until Dec 18. But when he tries to “fly online” he just gets message that he has no active subscriptions and asked if he wants to subscribe. We’ve already done that. How can we make this active, or if not, how do we get our $ back?

Hello there, are you sure that you are on the right account?

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Just restart the app. That should do the trick. Just a super simple restart

Hey @ttueric ,
This happened to me when I bought the subscription as well. Just press “restore purchases” in the aircraft menu next to “back” and it should be fixed.



I’m not sure what you mean by “right account”. We don’t go changing the account around on that ipad.


Restart - you mean close it and reopen it? If so, don’t that several times already.

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I mean are you sure that you are on the same email account.

Like said above.
Try to “Restore Purshases”
Make sure that you’re logged with the account you made the purchase.
Restart app.
Or pm @schyllberg can help you maybe.

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