No active subscription found [For the second time]

Hello, I want just to say if your sim can’t handle long hauls Tell people, don’t make them fly and at the and THIS happens or just fix it. It’s really a combination to fly all this and at the end it’s says

So please tell us that the sim can’t fly more than [××:××] or Fix it

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Hello @Pilot_Nidhal, sad to hear this…
Do you pay for a sub?

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If yes, when it must be ended?

Nope, I got my sub and it will end at 26 and it’s the second time btw, not only me but there is a lot of people who have this issue

Okay, here you must wait a staff…

I don’t need to wait for them they will just say sorry about your flight… I just want them to fix this bug

Hey! So sorry to hear this happened.

This is a known issue and they’ve said they’re working on it.

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Thanks, I hope they will fix it ASAP

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We hope to fix this problem Do not fly for more than 24 hours in order not to have this problem

This is the first report of the issue I’ve seen since we released a fix in 20.3 (in December 2020).

Could you let me know some more information about this?

  • Did you disconnect your device from an internet connection at any point during this flight?
  • Do you have a replay file of the flight you can send?
  • Does it happen on every flight?


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I just got the same Issue cam, Just landed in YVR with a flight time of 36 hrs 35 mins and I was connected to my internet connection the whole time.

This is the 4th time in a row this has happened to me, And yes I do have an active sub running, it expires on the 18th of this month.

Do you have a replay file you can send?

I can try it will most likely be a massive file because of it being during FNF but sure I will do my best.

If you can upload it to, or email it to me (my name @ it will help me investigate. Thanks!


No problem it says its exporting now.

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1- No, my WiFi was connected the whole flight
2- yes I will message you soon
3- yes, it’s looks like when u pass 35 hours in the sim [on the ground or sky] this comes out


Yeah I’ve seen this happen to a few people.

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Yep it just happened to me today and I’m ticked because I was doing a super long haul

I just had the problem happened to me what should I do. Well I get my hours?