No active subscription error

I recently bought Live+ because of the discount through the Play Store. But now that I’m logging in on my iPhone it says I have no active subscription and it doesn’t find any when it restores purchases since I bought it on the Play Store. What can I do?


Same problem :(((((((

have you tried clicking the button, I already have an active subscription?

Yes, it restores purchases but I haven’t purchased Live through the App Store

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Yes, I bought this subscription on Play Store. But now I have an iPad and I can’t do that

And you are defiantly sure that you have a subscription?

Of course, I can play online on my Pixel

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Same as Nikascom Here, I can play perfectly fine on my Note:

well then, I’m sorry but ive tried to help, so I don’t know what the problem is, you will have to ask a mod

They’ve probably got a lot in their hands right now. If I get too impatient I might just buy a month of Live PRO on my iPhone and extend my membership.

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I have checked out the FAQ thread and will be contacting the support email and update this when it has been resolved!

Support told me it’s a server issue that will resolve itself. Let’s just wait it out!

UPDATE: It is working for me now!

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i have this problem what do i do and i did everything and this was the only account that i have


Congratulations, finally its no issue