No active sub found in the middle of flight

Your Callsign

Qatari 908 heavy

Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?


Version Information

20.2 (985)

Device Information

Xiaomi poco X2
Android 10


I was running the app on mobile data as I switched from mobile data to wifi a message popped up saying that I have no active subscription and then proceeded to disconnect me from the,api and global server is green except for live server

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • flying over southern australia
  • _12 hours into the flight switched from mobile data to wifi and then message popped up saying that no active sub found and then proceeded to disconnect me from the liver server.everything else is green except for the live server _

Expected results

I had purchased my sub on 6th October and joined the beta on 8th October. I should complete the flight

Actual results

I have sub till november 6th and I should not have been disconnected.

More Information

Add any relevant information here (and attach pics and logs if available. If a video is required, do not upload directly to the forum - please use a video streaming service like YouTube, ensuring the link is unlisted)

There is an on-going issue with this. Hold tight - the devs are on it.

oh what a relief, thank you for letting me know.

Able to reproduce, actually, I am currently flying in Oklahoma on the B77W without a subscription, which is odd, and I’m offline of the server.

iPhone 11 Pro Max
20.2 (468)

I landed and tried watching the replay and this happened:

could you please translate that?

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“Infinite Flight Simulator” failed
Would you like to share additional information with the developer?

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