No Active Infinite Flight Pro subscription found, Cannot connect to itunes

Alright, let me try that.


Restarted, still didn’t load the subscription. Also worth noting that when trying to repurchase it for iTunes to possibly reconfigure it, that doesn’t work either.

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Since it lists the subscription, did you try logging out of your Infinite Flight account, then sign back in?

Maybe log out of your IF account, delete the app, shut off and restart your device, download the app, then sign back in. That’s what I would do in this kind of situation.

No, just tried it though and still wasn’t working. I tried repurchasing and it said, “you’re all set” and then it says “purchase failed: cannot connect to iTunes Store.”

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And I’ll try your new solution

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This lists some different solutions incase the one I told you doesn’t work.

Alright, and your previous solution sadly didn’t work either.

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Ok. I’ve never had to go further than the solution you just tried. I would try some of the things on the website.

Alright, also would this screenshot help with anything? Screenshot - 5755037b466a3b7a1423f332578aa643 - Gyazo

Says this but says subscription is active on iTunes

That would indeed help.
Could you please go to Settings > iTunes and App Store > Apple ID > View Apple ID > Purchase History and see if the subscription is there?

@schyllberg, looks like what happened to me a while back.

Working with this in a PM