No active infinite flight live subscriptions found

I have purchase 30days live but only few days I want login it said No active infinite flight live subscriptions found and show me I need to buy again. :( retry many times it still happened.

Could we get some more information?
Device type, storage, jail broken and OS version? The more information the more of a chance your issue will be solved.

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1.) Are you logged into the account you purchased it on?

2.) If yes, check again.

3.) Did the purchase go through? Sometimes the bank will not immediately release funds for a purchase so that might hold you up.

He said after a few days it stopped working so the purchase did go through.

Sometimes when you use a credit/debit card, it will show the seller that it went through but if it is cancelled on the bank’s end or the bank does not release the funds to the seller, it will delay the transaction and appear as though it initially went through.

Thank you guys the problem has been resolved.
it’s my negligence. I login with wrong account lol

It’s all good. We’re here to help. For future reference, remember to mark the solution on the post when the problem has been solved. Have a good one!

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