No active Infinite Flight Live Subscription found?

Right last night I purchased Infinite flight pro subscription on my Google Pixel and it works great,
so when I got home I have gone to login on my android tablet and try to go online it comes up saying " No active Infinite Flight Live subscriptions found" even though on the play store on my tablet it says Infinite Flight subscription is active? and I am still able to go online on my phone? please help?

  • Nathan

Sometimes rebooting and/or logging out and back in will solve the problem. You can also also click the “I already have a subscription” link and that should sync things.

how do I logout of it on my phone?

Select "Fly Online"
Press on your name in the top right corner. That should bring up a screen with your stats.
From there there is a log out button in the top right.

thank you , still not working though :(

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Ensure that you are logged into the same account that you purchased the subscription with.


I have double checked and I am, thanks for the suggestion though.

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Are you able to confirm that the purchase was actually made?

Do you see the option for “I already have a subscription?”


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