No active frequency being shown on expert

I’m currently inbound into Dublin in expert server and they are telling to contact tower but it doesn’t show the tower is active what do I do?

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They simply made a mistake. Contact Unicom.

Actually, as of now, there is Tower.

I have but I dnt wanna be ghosted cus the actual tower is telling me to contact him but it doesn’t show anything

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Make your callsign NORDO (no radio) to show them you are not showing a frequency.

Happens to me from time to time. Very frustrating when that happens.

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Who is ‘him’?

@Jomo_Kenyatta, I’ll let you handle this situation. 🙂😁😉

Thank you very much

Hey there! I’m your controller.

Please put yourself in line behind WestJet 110.

Follow him for runway 28. You are cleared to land.


Hey I’m the United 78x it doesn’t show that their are any active ATC

Yup, I see you. Youre number 4 behind WestJet 110. Thanks!


Ok thanks thought I’d have to land else where

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Should I still announce on Unicom?

If you’d like. You don’t need to, though.

Alrighty much thanks

Glad to see you landed safely. Thanks for your cooperation!


Thanks and no problem thanks for your help

@Will_A for the clutch save! 🏀 🏀 🏀 🏀


And thank you as well @Jomo_Kenyatta

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@Will_A Is an absolute legend. Clearing him to land on the IFC when he has no radio. Great job 👏