No Access to Online server for the last 48 hours.

I am trying to acess to online servers but it keeps asking me to sign in, i am a grade 2 pilot and i fly often, i tried to check my net connections and everything is working fine. I also restarted my device but didnt helped me…
And if i delete the app and download it again will be purchase be restored or do i have to buy the game again?

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If you check live flight you can see that the Live server’s are not down.
Reinstalling the device you will still have everything but you must download it again.
Hope this helps!

Also what Chris said down below :).

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Hi there,

Thank you for contacting support! We are here to help. Can you ensure that you have a valid and current pro subscription for Global and provide your device and operating system information? You will need a subscription to access the servers since all of the servers require an internet connection.


Hey chris i have the subscription, and good internet connection , i have a S7edge , 32gb. Even my subscription would have ended it should have showed up to subscribe back right?
My username is Aviator ilan , call sign is AY095
Thanks alot of responding sir



Your subscription is active and normal. What happens once you sign in? Ensure you’re using your proper gmail account for this as well. Please send a screenshot of the error message if it continues.



I have solved the issue , had to reinstall back in and changed my login coconfigurations…

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