No Access to In-App Purchases without internet


I purchased nearly everything in the game, yet whenever I am disconnected from the internet I can’t access any of my paid products. This has been going on for over a year on both an iPad 4 where I first installed IF and on my iPhone 6 which I purchased a couple of months ago. I tried re-installing the app and looking for support but I couldn’t find anything that would help. Can you see what the issue is and help me fix it/patch it in an update?

I’m currently running IF on an iPhone 6 64gb with the latest IF version.

So just so we are clear…
You are downloadig(installing) the planes you have paid for, but when your offline despite installing them, you can’t use them?

Yep. Whenever I don’t have an internet connection, it tells me, “In-App Purchases unavailable, please check your internet connection settings or try again later”

It works fine for me offline. Are these aircraft from live+?

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No; I don’t even have a live subscription…

Here is IF with internet:

And here is IF without internet:

IF requires a network connection to access Live and items granted through Live+ as can be seen in the image below

I figured out the issue a while ago. Though I did not have a Live subscription at the time (I just bought my first one a couple days ago), I was still logged in to the Live page, and because I didn’t sign out of my Live status, it indicated that all aircraft were to be paid for. When I signed out of Live, all aircraft were available to me without an internet connection. The issue here is that I bought almost everything in the game without a Live subscription so I didn’t earn anything from Live, but it happens to be a bug or something that doesn’t let me use my paid products if I was signed in to Live before I lost an internet connection. Anyways, now I’m happy and I always remember to sign out of Live before leaving an internet connection, but unless it will take up more device memory, please fix this issue anyways as there are probably people not aware of it who sign into Live despite not having an active subscription, and are unable to use products they paid for if they don’t have an internet connection.

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There may be a thing in the in-game settings that is like “Downlaod Airplanes over Celluar Data” or something like that.