No A318/A319 showing on screen

A couple A318s and A319s were holding short at 24L at KLAX.

For some reason they don’t show up on screen.
Device: IPhone 5S
IF Version: 15.11.0

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If you haven’t updated the iOS version yet, I think A319s are invisible… iOS is out now though.

That’s not it.

No, the updated iOS version of Infinite Flight

Don’t you see the runway markings? I did update it

What is your airplane count at?

My bad. Then I have no idea what is wrong…

Very High filler

Do I have to own the A318/19 to see them on screen because it still isn’t working.

That’d be outrageous if you can only see them, if you bought one, I think maybe just cause of all the purchases happening ATM, and airports being fully packed, that is just happening TEMP?

Most likely there were to many planes in one small space. The A318/A319 just happened to be the one to become invisible. Coincidence

I’m gonna head over to London to see what happens cuz I was doing it in SoCal

I can stop by quick. What airport will you take.

Heathrow ground

Can you see me? In a A318.

You’re still invisible

I see your tag but not the plane

Try closing all apps and manually restarting your device by holding the power button 10 seconds and sliding to power off. Maybe everything just needs to be restarted.

Alright I’ll try that thanks!

Try choosing an airport that isn’t as busy when you restart and I can stop by again.