No 787s or 777-200LR with IOS Hotfix!

Thanks guys!

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I was just about to do a screenshot and edit session with the 787-9 😑

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Np bud love helping other people.

Ok guys, it was a mistake calm down.

Well I an very lucky. I have manual update. So wait 2 more days ya.

I wonder if they are gonna have to put out another update


Able to confirm as well.
iOS 10.0.2.

Oh well, mistakes happen. :) Are the ATC commands working at least?

Fix this now please Devs

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Oh dear. How does auto update work?

Easy. Auto-update. Automatically updates apps. Turn it off in settings.

I’m on it, will send an update to apple and ask for en expedited review.

Sorry about that.


Thanks Laura! No worries, like I said, mistakes happen :)

Thanks Laura! You are the best!

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Thank you!

Evidently not :-/


We’re all human.
Wait, I just looked in the mirror πŸ˜‚

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Thanks @Laura

Thanks Laura! Really appreciate the hard work you put into everything. The 787s were worth way more than my 5 bucks.

no need to tag her Z man

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