No 787s or 777-200LR with IOS Hotfix!

I would tell you if I knew but I use manual, and as u can see why I would, I would guess it might take a while for the update to register on it’s own but again I don’t know how that works

Well, have you turned it off? It’s on my default.

Too bad I’m not near my iPad.

Same thing is happening to me. I am unable to use the 787 or 777-200LR

Welp. Rip you. lol hopefully Laura will fix it soon before you get back to it and it’ll be as good as new 😄

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Dangit! I enabled auto update on my iPad! I hope it didn’t update ;_;

If it didn’t you still have time to turn it off

I’m not near my iPad right now ;-;

yo dawg i heard you like hotfixes
so we made a hotfix to hotfix the hotfix


I might going to make a video explaining the problem to those who don’t have access to the IF community.

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I have the same problem


I should of read the forum before updating 😑


Thank you so much, I like to fly the 787-8 a lot, so it would have ruined the game if it vanished. Again thanks. :)

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I think mine auto updated and the 777-200lr is here still and what’s the new 787 livery again

Device info and screenshot please.

False alarm I haven’t updated it yet

You are really right.

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No 787 for me…