No.349 Sqn EAF - Formation Day

Yesterday saw 6x F-16AM’s (MACE FLT) previously of No.11 Sqn EAF, depart EGXC (RAF Coningsby). This was due to a restructure process of 1 Gp fighter assets. In which the F-16AM’s will form a the new virtual Sqn - 349. Based at Kleine Brogel AB (EBBL), they will replicate / create operations based upon the RL Belgian Air Force. This exciting move is also the start of an expansion into Europe for GAF-EAF.

Below are some Ground / Air to Air shots taken of the formation, as they moved to their new home. Thanks to No.47 Sqn EAF, for providing a C-130J - as a photoship off the coast of Belgium.

Many thanks, for stopping by

General P.Harrison
Deputy Commander European Air Force


Best post I’ve seen in awhile haha this is dope.


What was your callsign? I saw some formation flying above the Dutch/Belgian Border

MACE 01-06

Mace is 349 Sqn’s Primary callsign, so it’ll be featuring more frequently in the vicinity - in the future.


Makes me proud to be a member of GAF!

Excellent flying and great pictures. Hopefully our new Squadron on the continent is as successful as we all wish.