No 20 Character Limit

First of all, I’m not sure which category this would go in. I wouldn’t put it in features because it doesn’t have to do with the game.
Anyway, I don’t really think there should be a 20 character limit on posts. I’m not sure what it’s for so if you know please tell me. I do think you should be able to put abbreviations like lol, or just short words like cool. You know what I mean. Thanks,

Btw, I know the like button is there it’s just words I’m talking about

The 20 Character limit really improves quality of posts, if you want to write something short like “Yea I Agree” A simple like would be just enough, ever since this limit was introduced we have seen improvement on the quality of forum posts, once again if you want to write something nice, simple, and short, you can always give a like or give the user a PM were the limit is 10 characters :).


The community is meant for meaningful replies towards a discussion. Not just for a ‘lol’