NLMaxis’ ATC Tracking Thread - [PASSED] @ IFATC

Hello Community!

Welcome at my ATC tracking thread. I’ve been flying along in infinite flight for some time now (+ 3 yrs) and would like to improve my ATC skills so I can eventually join IFATC.

Whenever I open ATC-sessions, I will let you know right here. Please feel free to come over and give me some feedback on my ATC skills.

Hope to see you make a touchdown soon.

Airport: KONT
Server: TS
Status: Closed


Next time your open ill stop by if I’m available

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Airport: EGLL (low traffic now, no worries)
Server: Training
Status: Close

I guess I’ll come

I am stopping by now

You did very good when I was doing pattern work.
Here are some things I think you should improve on.
When I first took off you did not give me my option clearance until base. There are no official rules. But it is good to give clearances on crosswind to early downwind. Also the 2nd time there was no need for “Enter left downwind runway 09L” there was no interference. When I requested change after the enter left downwind 09R you should have done the option.

Overall you did very well. Just keep improving

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And also. When I was on my last final you should have said exit runway when able. Also I should have gone around but I wanted to see if you would call it. When you were on ground I taxied through grass. You should have said do not taxi through grass. I was acting like a complete noob

Thank you so much for stopping by @Aviation2929.
Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

The reason I didn’t clear you sooner was because of the A319 that was coming close to the runway for T/O when you were on downwind. I was hoping to let him take-off first, but I also noticed that your were coming in hot and was already turning for a short 3nm final. I wasn’t sure he was going to make the T/O in time before you landed, so i waited and then clear you for landing and let him hold short.

I was doubting if it was okay for me to give you a pattern instruction like ‘enter left downwind’ after you just took off. Or that I didn’t have to give a command at all since I just clear you for T/O and gave you a left traffic instructions. What is the correct movement here?

I think im gonna rewatch the ATC YT-videos to get a little less rusty for next time.

Anyways, thanks again and very smooth take-off by the way :)

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I am also in training so I do not know. All I know is from my atc thread from feedback maybe @TaipeiGuru or @Tyler_Shelton can help? But thank you very much @NL-Maxis it was fun and I also hope to see you in IFATC soon.

If Aviation2929 was on downwind and you wanted to make room for the departing aircraft, an “extend downwind” command for 2929 might have been appropriate. Or, depending on the situation, you could let 2929 perform his T&G and then have the other aircraft depart. Either way, there’s no need to wait until base to issue that clearance.

If an aircraft is remaining in the pattern and you’ve cleared them for takeoff with a traffic direction (e.g. “T-AIPEI, cleared for takeoff, make left traffic”), there’s no need to issue a pattern entry. T-AIPEI will continue to make left traffic unless told otherwise, so just sequence (if necessary) and then clear. :)

Sounds like you’re doing well. Keep up the great work, and thanks @Aviation2929 for stopping by!


Open @ KSFO (for the last hour)

Airport: KSFO
Server: Training
Status: Closed

I’ll come now
Edit: had to go.

No problem bro, see ya next time :)

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Just finished a 3 hours Ground & Tower session at KSFO. At first I was scared that it would be to crowded and busy to be a good practice, but in the end it wasn’t as horrible as I had expected.

It was actually quite nice with about 3-10 aircraft to handle every 15 minutes. Most of the pilots followed instructions, so I was very happy with that.

For my fellow ATC trainees: I don’t think KSFO is the best airport to practice just before your ATC practical test. I think it would be better to practice on a smaller airport with 2 parallel runways. But I do think its great to practice your overall skills as a controller. It helped me with: getting better familiarized with the overal ATC button layout, better knowledge of ground and taxi commands, working under a little pressure and busyness of airspace, pattern instructions and runway crossings.

In the end I had a great time controlling on KSFO. Thank you pilots who came inbound and did patterns. It was great seeing you all come in for landing or take off. Also, thanks to those who followed instructions. If you have any comments on your experience, feel free to send me some feedback. Anything is always welcome.

Until next time!

A good rule of thumb is:

  • Sequence early so pilots know where they’re going (but be conscious of pilot workload right after takeoff)
  • Clearance once you are sure the sequence isn’t going to change
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It’s s bit unfair to pull stunts like that just so you have something to criticize. On the IFATC test pilots are better behaved so this isn’t a consideration.

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Ide be happy to stop by next time you open, feel free to tag me!

Open @ LFPG (Paris, France)

Airport: LFPG
Server: Training
Status: Open

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tag me next time

also if you open later around 6pm EST i can stop by.

I was searching right now for all the ATC tracking members so i could tag them here. Working on it…