NLMaxis’ ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Hello there french ATC brother 👀

Waving from LFBO!

Haha, yeah I saw that!
Hope we get some traffic today :)

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Feel free to come by my fellow ATC in Training members.

But only if you have the time of course :)

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Excellent service 😄
Runway changes and clearances were good

The only problem was that, I requested pushback in a taxi out gate. If you notice someone asks for a pushback in a taxi out gate; just issue them a taxi clearance.
Keep up the good work🙂

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Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment @Jaylan_Brown (N1JB)

Good to hear you had a great experience.

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Good work - nice pattern management, smooth runway change (and sequencing of Speedbird 747, even though it wasn’t what they intended at all) and timely clearances for me. A shame there wasn’t anybody else around by then, but you still paid attention and concentrated on me which was nice.

Don’t leave pilots hanging if you’re worried about a conflict, as on my runway change to 9L with the Shamrock departing 8L. You were right to wait but you should give “extend upwind” as soon as you get the request, and then you can give the turn when it’s clear.

Nice touch giving a runway crossing with an exit command, that shows good planning and awareness and it saves getting called up straight away for it.

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Splendid review. Thank you for stopping by.

You are really good at greating challenges for ATC practice 🤣. Really loved that! Made it extra fun.

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Closing down LFPG…
Thank you for stopping by folks!

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Your welcome bro 🙂

You know the drill folks!

Come by for some patterns, inbounds or departures at LFPG on training server to help me improve my ATC skills.

Not bad at all - there was just one missing sequence call after my first touch and go on 9L; you cleared me directly as number two without telling me who to follow first. Keep it up!

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