NKVA Flying Part 3 | An International Adventure

Today I did my 3rd flight for @SpiritVirtualAirline on expert form KDFW to MMUN (Cancun) with a flight time of 2:06.
I’ve been doing this for a bit now so I made a series!

Let’s get started

“Postive rate” “Gear Up”

“The prairie sky is wide and high 👏👏👏👏 deep in the heart of Texas.”

Climbing with DFW and Ft. Worth in the background

Saying bye to land with Houston and Galveston in the background

Somewhere over the Gulf

Decent into Cancun

Turning Base for runway 30R

On short final

The Banana Bus has landed!

At the gate after a great flight

Very good flight with not a lot of bumps. The Gulf and Cancun scenery was amazing and I really enjoyed it, just like I enjoy NKVA! You should join it too!

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Thanks for stopping by!


Any suggestions for what I can do better?

The correct term is “Yellow Banana” 😉

Great photos!

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I’d highly recommend editing your photos, Snapseed is a personal favorite.


Always pay attention to the lighting. A bunch of these shots are backlit, which takes a big hit in quality 😉

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@Thunderbolt thank you for the suggestion

@Tsumia what should I do to fix it?

Dont make them backlit I guess? 😂

Bad lighting.

Good lighting.

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Thank you very much

Nice shots @Aviation2929. I really like how you descend over Cancun. Also the center line after you landed, you were a little off to the left of the center line

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Thank you @Udeme_Ekpo I realized after looking at the replay I should have gone around

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The correct term is “Banana Bus” ;)

Lovely photos! @Aviation2929


Thanks for giving me my 6th Nice Topic

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Awesome shots and I am glad to hear you had a great flight! Using the small tidbits of information users left above, your in-game photos will be top-notch! Thank you for flying NKVA and I hope you enjoy what’s to come!

-Carter C, COO

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Thank you very much and I will enjoy what’s to come

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