Nix, glacies, et furti


Le snow

I was so excited Friday evening when snow arrived and directly froze on the ground. I mean… beside the paralysed public transports and the risk of falling with my bike, I made a lot of pictures of my town under a snow blanket.

Yesterday was a mandatory spotting day! I always wanted to get this bright light bouncing on the winter stratus and yep, it was as good as expected!

Hawker 750 with a beacon bonus

Special bird of the day : Tunisair Airbus A330-200

Air France babybus with a type I covered tail

American reg. on this Citation Jet

EasyJe… Swiss CS100 coming into sight with an orange cover

Hope you liked these, I’ll perhaps post the rotations another day. Some birds took less than 2/5 of the runway, including the A330.

And for my gear :

Nikon D3400
Nikkor 4-5.6 55-200mm ED


Phaha , I experienced it that day in my friend’s car TPG were blocked, we were literally skating on it , going left and right without any control 💀

Nice , jok… I mean ^^

@Alex_Kraz Tunis Air :)

Btw amazing shots, I really like the angles ! Divider


A little dirty from the deciding spray…


Absolutely stunning photos you’ve got there, well done!


i’d like to call it “Winter Safety Juice”

@Q-ENAN great shots as always🤘👌


These are really nice shots!

I kind of missed my opportunity to go spotting in the snow. (I blame school.)

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Some really cool pictures! You managed to make the very best out of the white sky and managed to make the planes look very well. Obviously my favourite must be the first A220 shot ;)

Thanks for sharing, very well done!

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what a beauty!

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@LKA — I was really lucky on my side, school ended a short hour before winds kicked in Friday with their load of ice.

@anon2996007 — Fun fact : I’m pretty sure it’s a Zurich / Geneva flight (30min at max) and it’s the first time I see orange (long lasting) retardent used. Most of the time Geneva isn’t affected by snow or freezing temperatures so they don’t bother.

@rebal15 — Glad you liked them, it was worth fighting the cold!

@SunDown — “Winter Safety Juice”? Pretty sure that’s already taken by the Absinthe 🤔🤭

@T1MMY4L1F3_YT — I know this feeling, I missed Russian government Tupolevs last week because of school. To add to my misery, a rainbow was behind the runway…

@JulianB — You’re talking about the bombardier right? :p
At first I thought “wait, where has all the contrast gone?” and then I remembered if you can’t beat them, join them so I just played with the JPGs making sure the top of cabin was somewhat visible.

@ItsumiAffirmative (how do you do both italics and bold?? 🤔)


Yes, deciding spray so the plane can decide, lol\

Love that swiss Cs100

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Olala! Nice Job!

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I like this, a lot.

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Absolutely ;) I am also fine with CSeries just like it says it on the doorstep!

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