Nivida Shield K1 Tablet

i might get the sheild k1 tablet i was just wondering how it works on infinite flight. can i have all graphics maxed out and does it play live well? thanks!

I’m not going to lie - I’ve never heard of that tablet.


You’d definitely be able to play the game maxed, but I don’t think IF is on the Shield K1
I can play max graphics on an iPad mini 3 and iPhone 6, so any tablet or phone similar to the power of those can play at max.

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Never heard of it…

For all who have not heard of it:

I personally don’t have it (I do know what it is though), but I think someone said something about it. let me look for that post…

Edit: Couldn’t find what I was looking for. However, I found this:

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Gonna be bluntly honest…the heck is that?


It’s supposedly a high-performance Android tablet.

“This amazing tablet is powered by the NVIDIA Tegra® K1 processor, which features a 192-core NVIDIA Kepler™ GPU and 2.2 GHz quad-core CPU. Get incredible graphics wherever you go by accessing GeForce NOW™ gaming supercomputers in the cloud”.

And I found some “specifications”:

It says full access to google play store so I’m assuming IF is on there


I use the K1, it’s awesome. Everything’s maxed out and runs completely smooth! Highly recommend it


This is only 200

My nephew has one, and IF works like a dream on it.

The only time he has to turn down the settings a bit is on the Friday Night events where there are a crazy amount of planes everywhere.

Otherwise seriously good value.

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sounds good I just orderd it cant wait!!


hows live on the device? also is there no lag?

It’s very good in typical situations, only bad lag if you are at one of the mega events with 100+ aircraft sitting on the ground.
If that happens, turn down the water quality, resolution and aircraft quality and it’ll be smooth enough.

I’ve never had issues with crowded airports on live, always been smooth. Just make sure you switch off auto update apps because when that happens it freezes the sim for a couple seconds then pauses. Last thing you want on final!!

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wen i was on final to saint marteen and my game foze and crashed and i had flown for 2 hours/ i was so mad!

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