Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and Infinite Flight compatibility question

Is a Nintendo switch pro controller compatible with Infinite Flight and if so, how do you bind it to Infinite Flight?

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I don’t believe so, based on threads i’ve seen

The joycons work

It totally works.

I connected the controller to my iPad via Bluetooth (push and hold the button on the back of the controller and then connect in iPad settings). Then I opened Infinite Flight, and under Settings > Controls I was able to see the Pro Controller as one of the tabs. I had to assign all the buttons and functions other than pitch and roll, those were set by default.


Hey there!

It works! I also use a PS5 DualSense Controller.

Just connect it to your iPad and bind the buttons for the functions that you would like.

Hope this helps!

Quick question, since you are using a PS5 DualSense controller which I plan to get it to replace my PS4 controller. Do you always have problem with it disconnecting mid flight if you don’t touch any buttons? I wonder if the DualSense disconnects automatically or can be connected via USB-C to the iPad to prevent that.

Yeah, it does turn off mid-flight. I don’t know about connecting it to the iPad with a cord prevents it from turning off.

Ah I guess it’s inevitable. I hope infinite flight fixes the reconnection problem.

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No way, really?!? I’ve gotta start doing this…

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