Nintendo Switch Port

A couple of other people have thought about a port for the PlayStation and Xbox but sense the Switch is my console of choice I thought I’d request it. The Switch would be a good port because we could have it portable and on the TV. It could handle just about everything in-game. However one caviat is how Pro would work in relation to the Swich online service. Other than that I would love to play IF on a hybrid consul.

At the moment, IF isn’t even on PC let alone a console. Due to the hardware and the operating system of the switch I find it very unlikely that they’ll make it compatible


Correct on that @Dan_77


Im not fully behind a console port. What makes Infinite Flight so special is the fact that it’s a mobile simulator! I mean, it’s certainly possible, but’s I have doubts a console port would even be considered.

Edit: Simulator, I meant simulator, not “game”. Don’t get upset…


BTW, Nvidia makes the graphcs chip for it.

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actually the switch runs on the Nvidia tegra chip so it can handle it

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A port to the Nintendo Switch is entirely unfeasible in the current market, period.

Sure, the Switch has a decent processor, but the native language and hardware are entirely different from what the simulator runs on. Infinite Flight is coded in C#, while the sanctioned software kits for the Nintendo line is based on C/C++.

FDS would have to rewrite their entire coding base from scratch, an already monumental task with the addition of global, for little to no gain. Very few people in the playerbase have a Nintendo Switch, and fewer still would utilize it, not to mention the connectivity restrictions of the Switch itself (Wifi hotspots only). This is just one of the problems out of many (resolution, processor, etc). Oh, and licensing deals and being sanctioned on the Nintendo store would also have to occur.

Way too much effort. It’s a nice idea, don’t get me wrong (as I own a Switch myself), but the headaches involved makes such a venture unfeasible. It was hard enough to get the sim to work on a wide range of devices with older processors already.


Adding on to Josh, all the licensing and registration that the game would have to go through even before it gets tested. Not much income will be earned on the game if it adds Nintendo Switch to its port.

Good idea, but I’m with @Dan_77 on this :)

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Wouldn’t mind so much if they added it to the Wii… Give me something else to smash out on other than Wii sports…
Jk, don’t reckon it would run too well.
We should just keep If as a mobile SIM for now. That and global are what make it so unique

I agree with @Dan_77 . I have to admit this is a rather odd request, and would earn FDS little to no money, possibly even a loss. IF isn’t on PC yet, and even though it is probably going to happen eventually, I can never see IF coming out on a Nintendo Switch. There are many devices that I wish would run IF, but the playerbase of the Switch are the people who play games like Mariokart, and 99% of the time people who play Mariokart don’t want a flight sim.

I have a Nintendo Switch but I like IF on the current devices.

Yea, as everyone has already said, this probably isn’t a very good idea.
I don’t really see an advantage either.
We probably can’t get higher graphics. The Switch may be able to run it decently, but not good enough that it surpasses anything that we currently have.
The Switch, as far as I know, does not have cellular.
The devices we use to play Infinite Flight are already mobile. And, finally, if you really want to play using a controller (even though I don’t think it would be very good), then you can just connect one using Bluetooth (I realize that the Switch has a unique controller, but once again, I don’t think it would be good for flying).
Correct me if any of my statements are wrong.
I’m not sure if the Switch has a touch interface, or a accelerometer. If it does have both, then it would almost be the EXACT same experience.

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I mean when it’s on pc,… it will be awesome.

Yeah, after a few months imma have to stick with my previous comment. Infinite Flight is a simulator, and not a game. If it was released on the switch (heaven forbid), we can kiss our a** goodbye to a professional player base. I have said it once, and i’ll say it again. the switch is for GAMES, and not SIMS. Most people who play switch games aren’t interested in an educational simulator.


Yea, we should have IF Switch edition.

Thanks for bumping the thread. I noticed you want it but have not voted for it. Votes matter.

How do we vote, Chris???

There’s a vote button at the top. Give it a press.

You guys should make it more clear.