Nintendo Switch Pop-Up Lounges Coming To IAD, SEA, ORD, & DAL This Week

Thought this was pretty interesting.

Travelers will be able to experience the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite systems at four U.S. airports only for a limited time.

The Switch lounges will feature games such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Party and Tetris, and more.

While playing at these “On The Go” lounges, travelers can actually order a Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite systems and receive a free carrying case with the order.

Additionally, just by visiting the lounge, travelers will also receive a free Nintendo Switch branded luggage handle wrap and a $10 coupon from Target to use on any Nintendo purchase over $75.

The four airports to feature these pop-up lounges are IAD, SEA, ORD, & DAL.

Dallas-Love Field already began yesterday.


Nintendo Press Release:

So… go enjoy the Switch lounge. If you don’t have a Switch, this could be a good opportunity to pass time and try one.

If anyone just so happens to pass by one of these lounges, take a picture and tell us how it is.


Oh no :(

My trip is gonna be fun…

Well looked it up, and to fly to 2/4 of those airports costs more than a switch it’s self, and the other two cost more than 2/3 of a switch, so I don’t think the cost reward equation works out here… 🤔

DAL not DFW???

I remember Nintendo did this before and I think at either the same airports or similar ones

Wish I was traveling through them. I’ve had a Switch since day 1 (big Nintendo fan here) and wouldn’t mind beating some people at Mario Kart in public at the airport :P

Man I had my gate at gate B64 at KIAD 4 days ago 😱😭

I hope one of the “and more” games are Super Smash Bros. This is a nice feature to add and will be great if you have nothing to do while waiting.

Well, I already tried this at RJBB, and there is no one there probably because it is 11pm.

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