Ninety Day Requirement

Good afternoon, I am making a report after I have updated the Infinite Flight 24.2 Hotfix to where it brought back the 90 day requirement. Before, I was on Grade 5 when I first updated 24.2 and now I’m back on Grade 3. Here is the photo to show proof.

Device: iPad Mini 6
Version: 24.2.1

Hey @Udeme_Ekpo, the 90-day update does not apply to grades 4 and 5.

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Yes but it seems as if he was just grade 5 before updating it

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Ah, saw the 90-day requirement and I jumped to that response. That’s pretty weird.

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Yeah @MattAV


This has seemed to be the case where users are brought up to Grade 5, do a flight or restart the app, and are brought back down to their original grade, or Grade 3 for you.

The 90-day requirement does apply for grades 4 & 5 but not 3 and below.

Welp, I don’t know @A320_Flyerboy19. I’m doing a flight right now AA2486 STL-CLT

You have 63 landings the past 90 days. The requirement for Grade 4 is 100 and 180 for Grade 5.

There’s nothing wrong in this case :)


Can confirm this happened to me. Game said I was G5 on my menu screen for a little bit, seems to be fixed now (I’m G4).


Okay this topic can be closed now