Nimitz Field Alameda, California

Nimitz Field NAS was an United states navy air base located on the island of Alameda in the San Francisco Bay of California. The airfield began as Benton Field, and was used by the United States Army air corps. Two runways were located here, 13-31 is 8,000 feet, and 7-25 is 7,200 feet. Pan Am used the airport’s yacht harbor as the terminal for its trans pacific China Clipper service up until 1939, where they then shifted the service to treasure island. The government of Alameda handed the base over to the United States Navy a few months before the base was handed over to the US navy. The USS hornet was stationed at NAS Alameda and she is still currently docked at the site of the former base and has been restored for use as a museum. NAS Alameda was officially closed in 1997. If you wish to know more about NAS Alameda, the Wikipedia link is here:

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Many other closed airports are currently in infinite flight, most notably Kai Tak international. Both of the runways at Nimitz Field still exist, and so do many of the hangers and the control tower. I think that the addition of NAS Alameda to infinite flight would be a good way to continue the legacy of a closed airport that played a beneficial role in WWII and the Cold War.
If this shouldn’t be a #features request please tell me or change it if you have the power to do so

You can do it in airport editing but I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure closed airports aren’t allowed to be edited with exceptions with Kai Tak etc. I’d also want to have this airport but sadly, it’s impossible to have this airport in my understanding

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This would be for Infinite Flight Airport Editors Group. Sadly, they don’t take requests.

If you’d like to join them, here the link!



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This would be something that the IFAET (Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team) would have to address. Unfortunately we don’t take requests, therefore there is no guarantee this will be completed at any point. In addition to that, this airport would not be added as it is now closed.

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like @anon45500775 indicated, closed airports are no longer being added by our team


Thanks for the response to the request @Moritz