Niki Lauda founds new airline in Austria

The first Laudamotion Airbus A320.

This “new” Austrian airline, founded by Niki Lauda, will start later this month.

Photo: S.Hartl

My thoughts:

Right off the bat I thought the tail looks a bit like Air Berlin. Anyone else or is that just me? Lol
Also I like the use of red. Nice bright color. Hope this airline’s launch is successful.
Did anyone else know this was a coming soon airline?


That tail is definitely Air Berlin’s logo, it’s not just you :)


They’re probably using Air Berlin’s Aircraft, hence the livery


Nice livery! It might have a slight hint of Air Berlin in there somewhere…

Almost the entire base of the paint job is similar to Air Berlin’s.


I remember Lauda’s last airline, (mainly from Air Crash Investigation) anyway, I’m surprised he’s venturing back into the airline business. Hope the new airline fairs well.


Actually, he used to own “Niki” airline after owning Lauda Air (Later sold to Austrian). However, the airline became one of Air Berlin’s subsidiary. The airline ceased on the day when Air Berlin ceased their operations. The aircrafts that Niki formerly owned were given to IAG for Vueling

It’s pretty coincidental as former Niki Lauda’s airline was part of Air Berlin. Maybe this could mean something? I believe Niki Lauda must have bought the copyright for the logo and perhaps they recruited some of former Air Berlin staffs.

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What an amazing man, Mr. Lauda. If you guys just know him as the face of an airline, I highly recommend you guys see what this man has gone through and what he has since done. Amazing. Either way, good to see a second life for his airline. Incredible.

Interesting to see an airline named after their founder. It will most likely stay small.

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That looks like a weird livery :)

That’s a very plain and boring livery… :(

Niki Lauda won’t give up when it comes to aviation.


The text is horrible, sorry! So good to see the Air Berlin livery will be flying again.

I don’t know if it is exactly Air Berlin.

Anyways…best of luck to this airline!

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Yeah, but it’s for sure the Air Berlin livery. Only thing that has changed is the text.


Good for him after the tragic loss of one of his 767s he can now get back on the board and start a new airline, I hope it grows and becomes one of the best airline in the world

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I LOVE how they kept the base of the Air Berlin livery.

Interestingly, the last Airberlin flight had Callsign Airberlin 4EVR. It’s almost as if this was the intension all along.


It’s actually not an all new airline though.

After Air Berlin filed for bankruptcy, Niki Lauda managed to buy Air Berlins subsidiary company „Niki“; which as a fun fact was founded by him.

Thanks to that, he got their landing slots and 15 out of their 21 airplanes.

Laudamotion was originally called „Amira Air“. Niki Lauda changed the name of the airline and merged it with Niki so they’re now both flying under the name „Laudamotion“. And because Niki was a subsidiary company of Air Berlin this livery contains the Air Berlin Logo although I’m not sure if it actually stays that way. It might be a little marketing move before it’ll be changed later.


It looks super same!

Just for referance, here’s the AirBerlin A320: