Nighttime Procedures at LAX! - IFATC Timelapse

Hey y’all!

I’m back with another IFATC Timelapse! For this session I went over to the west coast of the US, and had some fun controlling LAX TRACON using nighttime procedures! For this set up we have arrivals coming in on runway 6R with departures on 25L and 25R. Using this configuration, both arrivals and departures fly over the ocean, minimizing engine noise over the city at night. Hope you enjoy!

As always, feel free to leave a comment if you see yourself flying in the video!

Server: Expert
Airport: Las Angeles International Airport (KLAX)
Runways in Use:
Landing: 6R
Departing: 25L & 25R
Ground/Tower/ATIS: @Carrington
Approach and Departure: @JAR



Why are arrivals on 6R and departures on 25R??

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Most probably for sound reasons, people are sleeping and doesn’t want to hear airplanes landing the whole night. There’s no one to disturb over sea

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This is used IRL sometimes at night for noise abatement over the city. If landings were on 24s and 25s as they usually are during the day, the arrival path leads right over the city. The goal of this configuration is to instead have arrivals come in over the ocean, to the west of the airport, so that they are not too low to the ground over the city, while departure also fly over the ocean, reducing the noise of takeoffs over the city. Great question!



Also at night the winds go to the sea, Because water loses heat faster then land dose, high to low pressure is made and the wind is flipped due east. So its even beneficial for head winds the majority of the time.

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This was so awesome and smooth. I was watching it for a bit while it was happening!

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Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

(Also, congrats on your recent promotion to IFATC!!)

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I can’t wait to do this again @JAR !

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Me too! Thanks for the great session!

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