Nightmare: Headless Go System

I was doing my nice flight from KSEA - KSFO (well idk) with my sweet pilots. Ok! One of them may not have a head but if he/she can use this huge machine, no problem! Also, i needed some weather and opened my cargo door while taxiing as you can see in pics. Also there was a sweet MD-721 toy in the first pic… Life is not so hard😘

Time: relative, a few hours ago.
Server: expert (ich bin expert)
IAS 300
C-Sign: I-FUEL ⛽️ 🛢
Tanker: Dc-10 extender 🦟


Ok, the lack of El Classico mentions is starting to get a little concerning.
Noice photos too! Wonder whereabouts the captain’s head is, that’s also quite concerning as well.