Nightly VFR flight with the TBM 930

So today was a bit of a strange VFR flight. So instead of using a passenger aircraft, I decided to use a GA aircraft. And I decided to use the TBM 930. Yes it’s a bit surprising to use a turboprop aircraft for VFR but I really wanted to try the TBM. So since I really need to conserve fuel for this flight, I had to cruise at FL210. It actually worked
very well surprisingly. So since there was not much pictures to take during cruise cause there was not much to see, I only took a few. Hope you like it

Aircraft: TBM 930/Infinite Flight Livery

Departure ICAO: KJFK

Server: Expert

So here is when I was parked at the GA hangar at JFK. Not much traffic but it was moderate. Got some views of some aircraft in the background

After a pretty long taxi, I finally made it to runway. While holding short of the runway, I got a good picture with a American 737. You can see how small the TBM is compared to a 737. So after that, I took off with a Delta A350 parked at the gate

So after a steady departure, I took some very beautiful views of New York city. Also in the pictures, I was able to get a good moonshot. I guess the TBM doesn’t look that bad with a moonshot.

So even though there was not much to see during cruise, I just wanted to share how this flight went. So as always please let me know how I did. Thank you :-)


Causally TBM at JFK. Actually you go some really nice pictures 🤩

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Thank you Thomas 😄

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I love the second to last one! 😍

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smol birb vs big birb. nice

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You might be fast, but I am ahead of you!

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