Night with light... Why?

Here the image. See it please.

Im flying Madrid to Barcelona at time 00:00, And I can see a strange light in the ground… It should be completely night!!!
See the hour on the screenshot.


What part of the image is it at? If you’re talking about the top of your plane it looks like a reflection to me.

It could be the stars in the background, or the moon illuminating the sky and ground. The light on top of your aircraft is just the reflection of the moon in the sky.

The ground is completely illuminated.

The game is even more appreciated.

Oh. I thought you were talking about like one particular part of the image. My bad.

The lunar cycles are real too. If you fly in a location/time with a full moon it will be brighter than if you fly when there is a new moon.


Maybe it can be.
Its the only explanation.

The moon is really bright. When Washington State, the East side lost all its power you could see perfectly fine and it wasn’t that dark. Thats how the land is illuminated in IF.

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If you go outside when there is a full moon, of coarse it’s bright outside

One day, we’ll get clouds in IF… 😊


Well, it depends more on the evolution of mobile evolution (power) to If.

Technically speaking, we already have clouds. The problem is it’s only in the form of fog and doesn’t ever go above FL100 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Clouds well draw give us low fps… Unless we have a devices more than 200k points in beechmark as antutu

Can’t wait to get puffy cumulonimbus clouds to fly through

FDS said (or I think they did) they added some extra light at night though slightly unrealistically because it was tough to implement some of the main sources of night light irl into the game (cites,roads ect.).

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If you see lights:

In the Sky it is likely

  • Another aircraft
  • Stars
  • Moon
  • Sun

On the ground it is likely

  • Runway lighting
  • Rotating airport beacon
  • Another Aircraft

Aircraft do render sun, moon, and atmospheric reflections. Panning the camera around while outside of the aircraft may give you an idea what’s causing the lovely reflection(s) you may be seeing.

Hope this helps! 🙂