Night Vision for Commercial Airliners

Hello There IFC, I would like to talk about Night VIsion Goggles because as you know during Night time you cannot see taxiway lines that well and with Night Vision it would help enhance the vision at Night and make trying to land at Night a little bit more easier.
To access it, there would be a button in the Lights section to turn it on or not.

I know there is one already but that is just for MIlitary aircraft and I know this isn’t real in commercial airlines but it would still be great to have since we don’t have taxiway lights or a way to see at Night
If you agree Please vote for the topic!

For Military is right below this text

This would help a lot at night! You have my support, but I’m all out of votes.


Thanks though lol

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Hoping to get at least 2 or 3 votes by the end of the day

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That would be OK, but I think if they made the landing lights and taxi way light bright and effective at night it would be great and no need for Night Vision.

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Yup but we don’t have it which is why im requesting

Doesn’t exist IRL. Some aircraft such as the MD10, yes MD10, not a typo, have what’s called FLIR. They are a type of imaging camera that help with viewing infrared. Not exactly the same as night vision but it is a different type of system that would exist on an airliner type of aircraft. Gulfstreams use FLIRs and other sort of cameras to help in lower visibility situations that may warrant something like this.

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