Night time

Yes it’s definitely something to do with the clouds as this didn’t happen before 21.1, but it does need to be fixed quickly as this is just unrealistically dark night time and barely anything is visible

Actually I’d say it’s very realistically dark and they’ll have to add taxi lights asap;)

It’s a rendering problem. Dawn is literally darker than night right now.

It’s being worked on. We will hopefully send a build soon.


That’s fantastic thanks so much @Laura really appreciate it 💯☺️

this is Abdul Rafay from karachi Pakistan. I’m very satisfied with the current open beta 21.1 it’s very interesting. But only one problem I have faced is that we can’t see the runway at night on every airport. It is to request you that kindly focus it on I’ll be very thankful to you. May God bless you. BTW this open beta is very interesting for the person like me who is aviation enthusiast.

Thankssss o can’t wait to be able to do flights were I land or takeoff at nightttt

same i miss doing that hahaha every time im taking off or landing i have to switch to day

Seems greatly improved. Anyone still experiencing issues?

Great job Devs!

iPad 6 Pro 11’’
iOS 14.0
21.01 (953)

nope its perfect now but havnt been able to enjoy because the game crashes everytime with this update

I dod have 1 crash so far but nothing after that granted I have only been on the new update for a few hours now

i have had 6 crashes just like that out of no where

I had one at KLAX on the private server right ofter take of

Anyone able to confirm that this has been fixed? Looking specifically for the night time issue. Not looking at other crashes. 🙂

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It has been fixed

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yes it has been fix drastically way much better now


Thank you! ❤️