Night time

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Version Information

You can find this in the About page of Infinite Flight. Example: 21.01 (1052)


Device Information

Example: iPad 8th Generation, iOS 14.2

Samsung S20FE Android 11 one UI 3.1

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Describe issue here

The night is too dark now that you cant see the taxiway at all

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • _Step 2 Go to any airport
  • _Step 3 Put night mode

Expected results

Describe the expected result

To at least be able to see the taxiway like in previous version

Actual results

Describe what actually happened. Example: app crashed when pressing “Fly” in the main menu

Its too dark now making it impossible to move around airports at night

More Information

I have only tried it at MMMX not sure if other airports are like that


Able to reproduce
iPad 8th Generation, IOS 14.4.2
21.1 (915)


wow what airport is that is the same for me like completely dark


London Heathrow (EGLL)

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I am at OENG, set to night time. I can attest to that with the taxiway being noticeably darker than before.

Issue (If it’s one) able to be reproduced. I think it’s to do with the new lighting engine/system.

Samsung S20 Ultra
Android 11 (One UI 3.1)
21.1 (1451)


So if im not mistaken it seems to only happen at 3D airports because there you can at least see something so you can move around im also running one ui 3.1 android 11

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able to repro

iPhone 11, iOS 14.4.2, IF 21.91 (915)

even at sunset i was unable to see runway lights

Able to reproduce
iPhone XS MAX, iOS 14.4.2
Infinite Flight 21.1 (915)

Had the same problem at KSFO making the approach difficult and almost impossible to taxi


wow yeah it is bad even for the runway you can barely see it


Able to reproduce
iPad 7 & iPhone 12

guys keep in mind theres clouds that are blocking the light. Thats if you have clouds on

this is online and the are no clouds well when i departed it was clear

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This still shouldn’t make taxi ways invisible


ah ok then lighting is bad

yes for sure. i was saying maybe its the clouds.

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yes and if you see one of the pictures more on the top a guy was on a non 3d airport and everything was fine well at least visible so it seems it only happens at 3d airports


hmm well lets wait for the devs

yeap I was surprised i couldn’t see nothing at all i was like what!!! haha

Philippe mentioned that night time is still being worked on. It is indeed too dark right now; known issue. Thanks for the report.