Night time long exposure!

Hi folks!
It’s been a while since I posted, but recently I have been doing long exposure photography at night, and I’ve been enjoying it very much!

Do note I do work at an airport, and take the time to take these long exposures when I’m off the clock. I am badged and am allowed to be on the ramp even after I am done work. Consult your airport management to ensure you are allowed to photograph aircraft on the ramp.

These photos are watermarked. Please Do Not Reupload without my permission

Canon EOS Rebel T8i
18-55mm Lens
Monfretto Tripod
30 second exposure - 5 minute exposure

MHT Aviation Photography (c)

Meta KC-135 Tanker cloudy night 30 second long exposure

Crystal Boeing 777-200LR 30 second long exposure

Manchester-Boston Regional Airport Terminal 30 second long exposure

C130J Aircraft 30 second exposure. “painted” with light due to darkness

MHT Airport overview 25 second exposure

RAF A400M 5 Minute long exposure

G650 30 second exposure

If you wish to have these as wallpapers, please DM me. These are all 16:9 aspect ratio for most PC monitors


Hey my favorite plane I love your photos


How do you take Exposure shots


Depends on what camera you have. For mines, I always have it set to Manual Mode.

For daytime photos, I set the F-stop to 8 or 9, with a shutter speed of 1/1000 or a bit less.

For night time, I have the F-stop set at either 10 or 11, shutter speed all the way to either Bulb for super long exposures, or 30 seconds.

ISO is usually set to Auto, as well as Autofocus. Stabilization is also always set to on.


You should submit these to JetPhotos! They are that good.

If only it was that easy to get them accepted


I have a NIKON D3500

These are sleeeeek. Long exposures have to be my favorite form of photography, sucks that LAS’s airports are extremely challenging to get a long exposure at. Awesome shots man.

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Ahhh yes, the long exposure, one of many types of photos which I still can’t successfully take. I can’t even take night pans well. Well, I guess it’ll just take more time.
Very impressive pictures you’ve taken. Amazing shots!

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One word, WOW

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