Night time issue in 21.4

I have been flying all day and the night finally sets when arriving into Bogota I noticed it was really dark like when the beta for the 21.1 was out they had night issue so was just wondering if its supposed to be like that or is the night darker than it should be because if i go to the external view i can barely see anything and with the previous update in 21.3 it was more clearer

It might be the brightness of your device, have you tried adjusting it?

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yeap is not that its just dark in the game like super dark. I dont know if you remember in 21.1 they had the problem with the night time. It seems to be the same issue have you been able to reproduce or is clear for you?

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It also depends what part of the lunar phase the date you’ve set falls in

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uh that sounds complex hahah well right now is the 27th of july 2021 in game just like real time

Try changing it around, you’ll get maximum light when there’s a full moon and the least when there’s a new moon.


problem solved thank you very much i set it to yesterday since there was a full moon and boom it got more clear

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But it still didn’t solve the problem. It’s still dark

its still dark for you?

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Different areas will see the moon differently. If you want a certain degree of brightness at night you should keep moving the dates around till you find that the level of moonlight is suitable for you.