Night Time Hopping

About Marsh Harbour

I haven’t posted anything in the past 4 weeks so I’m making up for that now. A little while ago - and by a little while I mean a month ago - I went island hopping across The Bahamas in a 737-700.

Marsh Harbour is located on The Abacos islands and is known for it’s growing numbers of shops and cafés. There’s also a great selection of hotels and restaurants.

Flight Information

Flight time: 0:24
Aircraft: Southwest 737-700
Server: Expert
Cruising Altitude: FL140


Flight was delayed because I forgot my coffee.

Lining up runway 14 at MYNN.

See you later Nassau!

Can’t get enough of the Atlantis resort.

On final into runway 09 at MYAM.

Touchdown at MYAM.

I don’t care if I have to sleep on wing, I’m going back to sleep. Someone get me a pillow!

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