Night time flying

There has been previous topics in this regard that has been closed, but i just wanted to ask if anyone has good settings or other tricks when flying at night time. As far as i know takeoffs and landings during night time are little bit anticlimactic due to lack of lighting in aircraft and airport. I usually set brightness on my tablet to highest setting and even that doesnt seem to be enough. I think it would be cool if aircraft lights had an impact on the surroundings.


A trick I use is to set the date to a full moon, which gives off a lot more light

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Hey there! I also find flying at night in IF very difficult, as there’s nothing I can see… as a solution, you increase your brightness, but if you don’t wanna strain your eyes, so try turning on the eye comfort mode, if you have it. It helps you see the taxiway lines, a bit during the night…

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Yup that’s true as well, moonlight makes it better too

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I turn up the brightness of my device and with the moon light I can more or less see

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I used the small map from the HUD options. That way I could second guess whether that yellow line actually does exist there subtly in front of me or just a figment of my imagination. So far so good, that map is versatile, I could taxi in the blind.

My actual problem at night setting is not taxiing, but actual night time flying where the weirdly bright stars distracting ground details and overpowers any other lights on the ground during approach.

Moon + Clouds often help me because the clouds get illuminated by the moon and function as “lights”

How do you do that?

I find the nearest date of the full moon (google) , then I start a flight and click the three bars on the right when the flight is loaded. And after that it should bring you to the menu where u can see the weather, weight and time. Click on “time” and insert the the month, year, and date. Then slide the bar, located under “sunrise” “day” “noon” “night” until it becomes night time in game

Thank you!

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I kinda got used to it and here is what I do
When it is extremely dark(and I mean extremely) I would try to find the taxiway line. If I cannot do that my next option is to usually brighten my device.
However, I do use the small map as well

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