Night Spotting at KBFI

Hello, IFC, yawn

Yesterday, I went to a CAP meeting where I met @Captain_Merka. I arrived early, so I decided to spot for a few minutes…

These pictures are not great but just to give you a nice look of the 777X (Other pictures here and here as well.

So, here are the pictures taken in the rain on a Monday evening…

777X’s registration is N779XW

More 777X pictures

A global jet took off in front of my long exposure…
Do you think this is artsy or do you not like it?

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Southwest 737 MAX 8

I also saw ground crew (successfully) flip cones on the TaRmAc, I’ll see if I can find some pics.

Thank You!


That’s very cool you saw the B777X and the B737 Max 😍 very nice!


Looks like the 777X is having fun at that disco party!

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Now those photos of the 777X are stunning, I’m saving them to my device, I’ll PM you if I use them in any way.

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Very nice! Love the 777X!

Btw, what camera do you use? These look really nice!

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Awesome! How’d you like it?



I liked cap. Not what I expected, but still very nice :)

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I used a Canon SX60 HS


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