Night over the Philippines | RPLL, RPVM, RPMD Fly-Out & Fly-In

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The Philippine Islands Fly-Out & Fly-In: Night over the Philippines

Manila RPLL, Cebu Mactan RPVM, Davao RPMD

The Philippine Islands are home to nearly 110 million people from over 7,000 islands! With the (not so) recent addition of taxiway lights in 22.4, Infinite Flight users can traverse airports at night without needing to squint to see where the taxiways are. Let’s see how the country looks when its population is asleep!

Server: Expert

Airport(s): Manila Ninoy Aquino (RPLL/MNL), Cebu Mactan (RPVM/CEB), Davao Francisco Bangoy (RPMD/DVO)

Time: 2022-11-12T16:00:00Z2022-11-12T23:00:00Z

Due to the large number of airports hosted, there are no gate assignments. If you plan to join us, please leave a reply stating you will attend OR click the “Going/Interested” button on the event block above. Choosing a realistic flight from Flightradar24’s flight board or any other third-party application is recommended.

Can’t find a route to fly?


Route Aircraft Type Airline Length
RPLL-VVTS A350-900 Philippine Airlines ~2h10m
RPLL-RPMD A321 OR A330-300 Cebu Pacific ~1h25m
WSSS-RPVM 787-9 Flyscoot ~3h15m
RPVM-VHHH 777-300ER Cathay Pacific ~2h20m

Want to control? Please PM me the frequencies you will occupy.

MANILA Center: -

RPLL Frequencies
Frequency Name
ATIS @Rohann
Ground @Rohann
Tower @Rohann
Departure -
Approach -
RPVM Frequencies
Frequency Name
Ground -
Tower -
Approach -
RPMD Frequencies
Frequency Name
Tower -
Approach -

  • You may spawn anytime while the event occurs or 10-15 minutes before the event.

  • If you are attending the Fly-In, please plan ahead so that you will land while the event is active.

  • This is the Expert server. There is no time for messing around, so please act professionally.

  • Please follow all ATC instructions. If there is no ATC, kindly use Unicom.

  • I am not responsible for any violations given to you.

Thanks for reading through. Please enjoy the event!

All graphics and designs are made mainly by me. Here and here are the sources for the images I used. The events I create are always heavily inspired by others, such as Cross the Pond or Istanbul Fun.



Will be joining this. Arriving from Honolulu on a Philippines 777-300ER since the A330 doesn’t have the Philippines livery in the sim


Nice Event Thread!


Thanks for creating this event, nice banner and stuff!
I will try to invite our local groups to participate as well.


Let’s round up the crew

and make it happen. @jaypzs 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭😉😊


This event sounds wonderful. Sadly on the date of the event I will have exams and I wont be able to attend.

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Less than a month until the event!

I’m in! Add me please.

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Alright, see you there!

Event bump! 21 days until the event!

We are now official!

Our event will be featured on Infinite Flight and across the forum. 16 days until the event, please enjoy!

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will take this

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You have been added, thanks for controlling!

A week (about) until the event!

You’ll most likely catch me taking the beast out for a flight at night 😈

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Few more days until the event! Let’s get more airports staffed!

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I’m excited about this one. I hope everyone who says will come, comes.

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I will definitely be there! Thank you for hosting this!

Mabuhay = Long Live!
Used as a greeting or to express well wishes

Learn something new everyday


I’ll be joining! And will arrive to Mania in the Philippines A321 from Seoul.

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I’ll be joining as well from one of our Skyteam partners, Korean Airlines

RKSI — RPLL // Korean // A333 // 4h05m
Will arrive at around 1 am, local time.

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